Namaste my kiddos…

My screen porch is one of my happy places. Our last house had one off of the living room and this house has the screen porch situated off of the kitchen. It’s kind of high up in the air and gives you an almost tree house feel. I swear I will never own a house without one.

This morning while I was out there a large buck and two doe, and a fawn wandered into our semi-shaded backyard and took liberty to feast on some of our grass.  This moment of beauty made my screen porch seem even more special and magical. The morning was so calm and for once it was a cool 84 degrees out. It was perfect.

Recently I was cleaning out a bin in the toy room and came across yoga cards for kids. They’re great, the front has drawn pictures of children doing a yoga pose with instructions and ideas on the back of the card. For whatever reason I thought of these cards while I watched my ‘deer’ friends and it was at this moment that a simple Saturday morning activity (and possible ritual) took shape.

I retrieved our yoga mats and placed them side by side on the screen porch. I then gathered the kiddos (still in their jammies) and had them each roll a die. Whatever number they drew, that’s the number of cards they would take from the stack of yoga cards. Today it was eight.

They then took turns flipping over their card and doing the pose together.

I’m not going to lie, there was some giggles and a few moments of “ow this is kind of painful!” But afterward both child seemed a little more centered and ready to start their day. And so far (fingers crossed) they have been really patient with one another and understanding. Not sure if it’s pure coincidence, but I’m definitely doing to try this activity again!

Oh and this pose…


…is surprisingly harder than it looks so they had to use teamwork to sit together perfectly still and support one another. I have a feeling this one will be used again to encourage them to get along.

Have any other great ideas for a lazy Saturday  morning? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!