Let the Nerf battle begin!

Remember a few posts ago where I said that my son was planning his own birthday party!? Well, he decided that he wanted a Nerf party, but left out the important details where mom needed to order 400 Nerf bullets! Thankfully I found some online that were pretty inexpensive and shipping was super fast!

I decided this year we were going to keep his party simple. There was no school on election day so we held his party on that day to avoid friends with a full weekend schedule.

Originally we were going to have the party outside where the boys could run and blast each other away, but the November weather didn’t cooperate, so we ended up clearing out our basement of anything breakable and rearranging the couches (and using our bar area) for barricades.

We then gave each area a name. Orange, Blue, and White team.

Every 20 minutes or so I would randomly draw a colored Popsicle stick out of a Solo cup and 2-3 boys names. This way everyone was able to rotate around the room and play with a different friend.

After 4 rounds the boys were ready for a break. We fed them lunch and some homemade Nerf cupcakes and then it was back to the basement for more battles!

Typically our birthday parties last 2 hours, but we had this one for 3 hours since it was a day off of school. The boys all got along really well and I think the birthday boy was pretty happy that his plans for his birthday all came together.

Have any great birthday party ideas? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!