Throw back Thursday… all the way to last month.

To me, Mother’s Day (now that I’m a mother) is one of the best holidays. My family always makes me feel loved and appreciated, but this is (literally) the mother of all holidays! I get to sleep in, have breakfast in bed (check out my previous post for what they made me for breakfast), and do whatever I want without lifting a finger! It’s perfect.

The day before Mother’s day the hubby and kiddos disappeared, to our basement, for most of the day. They were being very secretive and I knew, without being told, that they were working on a special project.

One of my favorite hobbies is gardening. My parents had a HUGE garden growing up and I didn’t enjoy it at all. My main job was weeding it (with my brother.) Now I have a nice little fenced in garden with raised beds that I go to for quiet time. The kiddos know the two rules of the garden are:

  1. No whining or crying
  2. No tattling

My garden is a happy place. It’s where we go to read and explore bugs. To create bee, butterfly, and toad friendly projects. It’s where we eat breakfast in the summer and play with our bunny, Clover. It’s a magical place.

So when, on Mother’s Day, the hubby and kiddos gave me (my favorite) gift I was beyond thrilled.

They made me festive garden stakes!

He and the kiddos took polymer clay, used my stamps, and stamped out words that describe me! They then painted them with acrylic paint and baked them.

To see what words the kids thought described their mama was enough to bring tears to my eyes. And I have to give my hubby credit for coming up for such a personal and perfect gift. I was very impressed!

Have any great gift giving ideas? I’d love to hear all about it in my comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!