Own A Jeepney Business

Own A Jeepney Business

A great deal of outsiders who come to live in the Philippines are continually searching for is a business where they can bring in sufficient cash with the goal that they can live here. A many individuals who move here don’t have ordinary floods of pay available to them, and don’t have a ton of investment funds developed that they can live from. One of the organizations a many individuals talk about is the Own A Jeepney business.

Albeit the matter of possessing an armada of Own Jeepney Business is somewhat romanticized by numerous outsiders, it’s anything but a truly extreme business. Particularly in this day and age of high fuel (or diesel) costs, it’s difficult to get a lot of cash-flow from Own A Jeepney Business, as I would like to think. On the off chance that you consider how much the Own A Jeepney Business admission was at the time I moved here in 2011, it has expanded, however not almost at the rate that fuel has expanded.

The plan of action for the vast majority who have sufficient cash to purchase a couple of Jeepneys is that they purchase the Jeepneys and afterward they lease them out to drivers. The drivers then gather an admission from every traveler who rides that day, and whatever he makes over the rental that he paid, that is his benefit for the afternoon. Support expenses of the vehicle are for the Own A Jeepney Business proprietor to deal with. On the off chance that the Jeepney isn’t running, there will be no cash for rental that day!

I have not heard for a couple of years, however last I heard, the driver would pay around P800 each day for rental of the Jeepney. When that the entirety of the expenses are deducted, it genuinely doesn’t leave that much for the proprietor. How about we see… what sort of expenses would be included?

Cost of the Jeepney – perhaps $10,000 or something like that.

Deterioration of the Jeepney – these things are dealt with pretty generally.

Fix and Maintenance Costs – everything from Oil Changes to Engine Repairs

Cost on schedule – Your time is worth cash, and you will invest energy pursuing down individuals to drive, and so forth

With everything taken into account, I for one don’t accept that there is a ton of cash to be made around here. Apparently the record bears me out as well, on the grounds that most outsiders who get into this kind of business wind up leaving business inside a year or thereabouts, from what I’ve seen.

A couple different interesting points on this… local people don’t actually like having an outsider get into this specific business. They will give you solid contest to drive you bankrupt. Furthermore, you can’t simply purchase a Jeepney and go out and fire cruising all over getting travelers. You should get endorsed by the public authority to run on a specific course.

You can’t change to an alternate highway one day in light of the fact that there are no travelers – you should follow the course that you are allocated. Likewise, they will not give everyone a course. On the off chance that every one of the courses as of now have the greatest measure of Jeepneys, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Thus, perhaps it’s a superior plan to look out an alternate business. Obviously, your situation will be unique!

A lot Changes over the years About Owning a Jeepney Business. Before you attempt it, find out the new rules and regulations. Also With the new implementation of the Electric Jeepney by the Philippines Government, it might be a task to keep your business afloat.

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