The Frightening Dengue

The Frightening Dengue

The Frightening Dengue. Well What could one say about this but Protect yourself. You DO NOT, I mean DO NOT want to catch this. Trust me, The Frightening Dengue is something to Fear. If you Don’t die, you will definitely feel like you will. It is nothing to play with.

The Frightening Dengue. Most of the time it will show signs around 4 to 10 days after you have been exposed to the nasty bite of that Dengue carrying Mosquito. The sign will consist of but not limited to, fever, Body ache, Headache, rashes, Nausea, vomiting, Abdominal pain or tenderness, Mucosal bleed, Lethargy or restlessness. and much more. More like the Very VERY Bad Flu But Worse. In the worse case it is deadly.

Some only catch mild symptoms, but most catch the full blunt of the The Frightening Dengue.

The Frightening Dengue symptoms usually last 4 to 7 days. The most painful, horrible feeling you will ever experience. Some that do catch it have to be hospitalized and have blood transfusions. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will get over it in time, but better lucky not to get it at all. Protect yourself. Stay away from standing water is a good first way.

You Need to Keep Very Much Hydrated in the case you do contact The Frightening Dengue. I mean it might feel time where you don’t want to drink fluids, or feel that you have been drinking enough, but at all cost drink as much water, Gatorade as possible. Do not get dehydrated or else you will be in the hospital for sure. They say rest also, but believe me, you will not do anything other, due to the fact that your whole body is in pain, and i mean whole body.

Even the back and inside of your eyes hurt. It’s very painful. There is a old so called cure, not really curing it (but a remedy being it’s a Virus) but helps you tremendously, that is boiled papaya leaf juice. It is very nasty, but let me tell you it HELPS.. Also Quail eggs, Coconut water, Herbal tea, Neem leaves. And for pain and fever just plain ole acetaminophen,(outside the USA its called paracetamol.

You can really protect yourself, by being alert of your area, like i said, stay away from standing water, try not to be out at night in grassy watered areas. Some people go as far as wearing long pants and shirts while out and about. Just be cautious.

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