Really 13 Months

Really 13 Months

Really 13 Months. In the event that you read the title of this post, you are most likely saying to yourself that “He should be inebriated!” or something like that. Yet, I guarantee, I have not been drinking, and it truly is valid. In the Philippines, a year comprises of Really 13 months, not 12. In any event it is valid on the off chance that you are a business.

Here in the Philippines, in the event that you utilize individuals, it is compulsory under the work laws that you pay them Really 13 months pay each year. The “thirteenth Month Pay” as it is called, is fundamentally a reward that you are needed to pay to your representatives each December. In this way, essentially, despite the fact that they work just a year, they are paid for 13.

Actually, I don’t care for this plan. Try not to take me wrong, I like to take great consideration of my representatives, and pay them what they merit, yet I don’t care for the public authority directing to me the measure of what I should give. For certain representatives, in the event that it were surrendered to me to conclude, I would give them substantially more than what might be compared to one month’s compensation as a Christmas Bonus.

On the other hand, for other people, on the off chance that they have not procured it, I would give less with regards to a reward. Yet, the public authority directs that I am to give them their “thirteenth month” pay, so that is my main thing.

I accept that administration orders with regards to pay and such are really counterproductive for representatives. In the event that the public authority orders that you give one month pay for a reward, that is the thing that businesses give (I am a great representation). Assuming the public authority didn’t order the sum, you have an open and serious commercial center.

On the off chance that you have a great representative and offer her or low reward, you risk her leaving your organization and going to your rival. However, since the public authority orders the sum, then, at that point there is no motivator to go to an alternate manager, the reward is something very similar there at any rate. I feel that it is better for the representative to be compensated dependent on their presentation, not simply be given a commanded sum!

This thirteenth month thing consistently sort of bugs me. But who am I to say. What do you think?

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