Area of The Philippines

Area of The Philippines

Probably one of the most important things you need to consider before you make a move to the Philippines is this – where will you live? There are a number of large cities, there are mid sized cities, and then again, you can live in the provinces where life is simpler. How will you choose the Area Of The Philippines?

Area Of The Philippines. One thing that is a prime consideration is this – where do you have ties in the country? In my case, I am married to a lady who is from Cagayan De Oro. Naturally, our choice was not to live in CDO. I had visited CDO many times, and I liked it there! I never had a problem there in all of my visits, But Something was lacking. After visiting in CDO several times, we finally came to the conclusion that it was not the Area Of In The Philippines.

We had a couple reasons that caused us to reach this realization. First, living so close to my wife’s family lead to a lack of privacy. In the USA where I grew up, people tend to enjoy a degree of privacy. Here, if you live close by, you will have cousins, aunts, uncles, not to mention parents and siblings at your house at all hours of the day.

There was never a time when it was just my wife, kids and I at the house. It got old. My wife had lived in the States long enough that even she was not comfortable with having people at the house all the time. Second consideration for us was that there was not much to do in CDO. I was bored. So, we decided to move to Davao. We have lived in Davao for more than 2 years now, and we love it. Could not imagine moving away from here. Plenty of things to do. Still close enough where in-laws can visit, but far enough away that they are not here all the time. Perfect.

Another consideration for the Area Of The Philippines – if you are from a western country is the availability of the type of goods that you will want to buy. Western foods and such. When we were in CDO, there were times we could not buy butter or cheese like we can in Davao. In major cities, you will find the things that you want or need (most of them anyway). Now, which are the “major cities”?

I would say that would include Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro (now). Perhaps a few others, but those would be the major cities. Now, for me, I would not want to live in Manila – it is crowded, polluted and expensive! So, I would limit my choices to Cebu, Davao or CDO.

Of course, The Area Of The Philippines for many, living out of the bigger cities is the attraction. Maybe that’s for you, and you can just buy the things you need in bulk when you visit the larger cities.

All in all, it’s your choice of which is the Area Of The Philippines! And, the country offers enough variation that anybody can find the place that’s right for them. Good luck to you in your search!

My suggestion would be to hit up serval locations and find the Best Spot that would be for you. And a good plan is not to accumulate to many possessions, just incase that Area Of The Philippines is just not what you are happy with.

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