Roll The Dice

Years ago, during my pre-children years, I was part of a Bunco group. We would meet once a month and roll the dice and drink until our little hearts were content. It was a great excuse to get together with other women and have fun.

Last year, after talking to some friends (who were not in my previous Bunco group), we realized that we needed a reason to get together and connect with other women. I brought up Bunco and we all agreed that this would be the perfect activity for us.

To start Bunco ideally you have 12 players (I’ve played with as little as 6 though.) Typically you have 3 tables of 4 players, but you can make the number of players and tables work for whomever can make it on that particular night. Currently there are 19 ladies in our Bunco group, so from month to month we make adjust as needed.

The goal of the game is to roll the dice until you get 21 points (first round you roll 1’s, second round 2’s, so on and so forth.)  You are on a team with the person across from you and this will change four times during the night. If you roll three of any number (as long as you aren’t trying to roll that number) it is a baby Bunco and you get 5 points, if you roll three of a number that you ARE trying to roll it is an automatic 21 points, the round ends and your team wins that round (for your table.) Even as I’m typing this, I know that it sounds confusing and there are many different rules out there. Below you can find the rules that my group uses, but feel free to use whatever rules work best for your group.

You will also need:

  • 3 dice per table
  • Table Score sheet (here’s another Table Tally example that you can print off and use)
  • Bunco score sheet (again another option for a Bunco Scorecard)
  • Noise maker per table
  • Table #’s and with this document there are also slips of paper that you can cut so people can diplomatically be placed at a table
  • Pencils for each player
  • Container for the prize money (we pay $5- and prefer for people to bring ones)
  • Something silly for the person who gets Bunco to wear- boa with dice, visor with dice, etc…
  • Bunco Rules
  • Snacks (this is very important- usually have one salty snack and one sweet snack per table)
  • Wine (not important for everyone’s group, but mine appreciate it)

When I have everything printed out and groceries bought I then fly around and clean my house and begin set up.

I make sure that each table looks nice and has everything it needs- to keep people from having to stop the game (it can be fast paced) to go get supplies and more food.

And who could forget the fun hat that the Bunco roller gets to wear!? While it seems silly at the time but it really is fun (and sort of) an honor to get to wear it.

table 8

Have any fun games or activities that gets you and your closest friends together? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!