Muwahahaha…. It’s Halloween

Every year at work we celebrate Halloween by dressing up in coordinating costumes. This year we were struggling to come up with a solid idea until the other morning. I woke up and immediately thought… scarecrows!

If I can find a way to wear jeans to work, I will and this costume created the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy a jean day.

When I started to think of what I needed for my costume, I realized that I had everything except straw.

Floppy straw hat… check
Flannel shirt… check
Boots… check
Face paint… check (thanks kids!)
Sunflower for my hat… check (taken from a wreath I had made)
Straw… couldn’t find, so I hustled to a nearby store the morning of Halloween
and grabbed straw colored raffia that is used for wrapping gifts

My entire costume cost me $1.15 (which means I will definitely be rocking the scarecrow look again!)

On my way home from the store I realized, what is Halloween without a fun themed breakfast!? Of course I had just left the store, so I had to wrack my brain for food ideas already at home. It only took me a few moments to decide that ghost pancakes would be perfect. I added chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth to complete the meal.

To make these ghost-cakes (as I call them, just wait- it’ll catch on) I took a squeeze bottle (see below), filled it with pancake batter, and squirted the outline onto a hot griddle. A few seconds later I filled in the center of the ghost with batter. When the pancakes done and off the griddle I pushed chocolate chips in for the eyes and mouth. With the excess batter I made the “boo” letters at the bottom.

Both kiddos loved their breakfast and to add a little more festivity to their morning we played children’s Halloween songs while they ate. The kids did only minimal eye rolling when “Thriller” came on a and I busted out the dance moves. It was definitely a great morning for all.

Have any fun costumes or breakfast themes? I would love to hear about them in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!