Birthday season is upon us…

Out of the four members of my immediate family, three of us are November babies. Thankfully my daughter was born in March, which allows us to enjoy cake during another time of year.

This year marks my son’s first double digit birthday. The big 1-0, a decade-tarian…. 10.  And while I wonder where the time went I can’t help but reflect on some of his birthday party themes.

Full disclosure, I’m one of those people that love a good theme and I’ve always tried to center his birthday around his interests at that time.

First BirthdayHorses (his party was held at a local horse race.)

Second BirthdaySesame Street (had letters of the alphabet all around the house- you can see the letter “A” in the background. Everything was done in primary colors, with songs from Sesame Street playing in the background.)

(Guests had fun playing with Play Doh and monster cookie cutters, crawling through a tunnel, coloring in Sesame Street coloring books, playing with the bubble machine, and tossing party balls.)

Third Birthday– Thomas the Train (even our invitations were in the shape of a train ticket and used train lingo.)

Fourth Birthday– Hosted his party at The Little Gym

Fifth BirthdayConstruction 

(This is the year that I started to document everything with pictures. The guests had a blast playing with trucks and building with rocks.)

Sixth BirthdayAirplanes

(Guests decorated foam planes found at The Dollar Store and threw them through hula hoops hanging from the trees. They also played “Pin the Propeller on the Plane.”)

Seventh BirthdayLego

(Guests played minute to win it games, guessed how many legos were in a container, and built Lego structures as a team. They also watched The Lego Movie. Instead of gift bags, guests punched out a Lego circle and won whatever Lego themed prize was in that circle. I even made (not my prettiest) Lego cake!)

Eighth BirthdayMinecraft
(Check back at a later time for pictures of this birthday party.)

Ninth BirthdayCamping

(The camping themed party was probably one of my favorite ones yet! Since it was cold the guests slept in tents in our basement, watched Indiana Jones on our movie screen, cooked their dinner over a campfire and made compasses and p-cord bracelets. Everyone had a blast and it was amazing what little details could be added to each event using an outdoor theme.)

What’s the theme this year?? Well, my son has decided that this year he will take his party in his own hands and plan it all by himself. To date he has given me a timeline of when events will occur, which decorations he would like (colorful banners, balloons, etc..), and his invitation list. *wiping a tear away* I am one proud mama.

For all of his parties (and honestly every event that I plan) I use this form (below) to make sure that I’m not forgetting any details.) Feel free to copy and paste it into your own document.

Birthday Check List and To do

Want copies of any birthday invitations or planning items that I’ve used for the parties. Or do you have any great birthday ideas on how to celebrate a 10th birthday? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!