Water Fun Wednesday

I love a good theme and as this blog starts to unfold, you’ll see that in no time! Water Fun Wednesday (WFW) is no exception!

Where did I get that great idea? I didn’t- I found it here  complete with a great picture that you can hang on your fridge (which I did) as a constant reminder that a summer-time theme is only a glance away.

So our first WFW of the season is actually appropriate. We enrolled the kiddos (for the first time ever) into our local swim team. Most kids would LOVE to go to the pool every day and swim and compete… not my kids. At the beginning they were fighting us tooth and nail because they’d have to go to the deep end, have to get up early, and sometimes new things can be a little scary. My hubby and I remained consistent and reminded them that sometimes things can be a little challenging, BUT, while they can already swim, we needed them to be GOOD swimmers so they could save themselves someday if they needed too. We don’t care if they compete or win, we just want them to be safe.

Fast forward to today, my son- who has been resisting us the most, just told me that, “swim team is actually a little fun!” This is a HUGE milestone because he’s my cautious one. He’s my child who over thinks every situation and doesn’t just “go with the flow” because it would be easier than standing up to his friends, the one we dubbed, “the little professor.” So for him to say this to me- it’s a huge victory! My daughter, on the other hand, already bought into the idea of being on the swim team last week when she realized that it was a sport. She just didn’t want to say anything in case she’d hurt her brother’s feelings. She’s very athletic and competitive and loves anything sportsy.

We figured that in order to be organized for the pool and ready to head out the door at a moments notice we would keep our pool bag packed at all times.

Here’s a helpful list of items that you can reference when you’re trying to get to the pool (it’s what can be found in our at all times!)

  • Sunscreen (for the body and the face)
  • Hairbrush
  • Leave-In Conditioner
  • Band-Aids
  • Swimsuits
  • Towels
  • Cover-Ups
  • Change of clothes for the kids
  • Plastic bag for wet clothing
  • Book to read (wishful, but hopeful thinking)
  • Snacks (we like travel size Cheeze-Its, pretzels, apples, applesauce packets, granola bars, and vanilla wafers)
  • Drinks
  • Pool toys
  • Flotation devices
  • Goggles
  • Chalk
  • Paint brushes
  • Sun glasses
  • Thin blanket

When we arrive home from the pool, each day, we hang up the wet swim gear and reload the pool bag so that we’re ready to go the next day.

Having a pool bag packed and ready means thinking ahead to what needs might need met the next day. It’s always inevitable that, at some point, one kiddo will want to be sitting out of the pool while the other one swims, or one will be “bored” when it’s break time. For those moments I get out the chalk and paint brushes.

It’s amazing how much fun it can be to create a chalk creature and then paint it away with water. When the kiddos were younger and learning how to write the alphabet, I would write the letters on the cement and they would trace them with water to paint them away. Little did they know that they were learning while playing! There are a number of other activities that they do with these two items at the pool (hangman, tic tac toe, or just write), all they have to do is add their imagination and some water!

Have any poolside packing tips or pool activities you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!