Stuff I Love

Besides my children, husband, friends, family, and pets I love:

  • being an educator
  • camping
  • cooking
  • being crafty
  • long-distance running (it’s taken me awhile to love this)
  • gardening
  • reading
  • sewing (definitely a beginner, but I enjoy it and am currently trying a few new projects)
  • organizing (won’t lie, have been described as having OCD a few times in life…)
  • candy (recently bought 55 Cadbury Creme Eggs… because they were on sale! I may have a problem.)
  • scratch and sniff stickers
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • hiking (geocaching is so much fun- if you haven’t tried it, I HIGHLY recommend it!)
  • scrapbooking

Honestly the list could go on and on. I just really try to find joy in the little things in life and enjoy every moment!