When I’m not learning how to blog, I’m enjoying every spare moment I can with my friends, family, and pets.

I was lucky enough to meet my soul mate while getting my Masters Degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. That was waaay back in 2002. We got married shortly after (literally two weeks after graduating! It was such a stressful but amazing time in our lives) and then moved to another state!

Since then we’ve added two wonderful children, who keep us on our toes, and constantly have us going back to the parenting drawing board. Just when we think we have it figured out, we realize that we don’t.  But honestly, we wouldn’t change that for the world.

We also have an extremely fluffy cat  and very sweet bunny (who is my numero uno garden helper.) The two of them have a love/hate relationship. Our bunny would love to play, but the cat would not. Thankfully the cat is afraid of the bunny and runs away!

All of these pieces come nicely together (okay sometimes it all comes crashing together) to create my family.