Wine a bit, after all it’s for the kids!

I don’t recall if I had read this somewhere years ago or came up with it on my own. Either way it’s a great idea! I’m one of those people who grab (and keep) a newspaper from the day my kids (and friend’s kids and sibling’s kids and neighbor’s kids– you get the idea) are born. I intend to give said children the newspaper when they are older so they can see the events that were going on in the world when they made their debut.

Another item I like to grab in order celebrate my children’s arrival is wine. This could be because I’m surrounded by vineyards (not that I’m complaining) or because it ages well and can be enjoyed later. Either way I try to collect 4 bottles of vino from the year of their birth. Why 4 you ask? Well I had intended to grab 6, but we all know how busy we are when there’s a little one around and 4 is all I could remember to grab over time.

Clearly at the time I thought LAN wine would age well.

Let me disclose that I’m the second child and when my daughter was born (also the second child) I was determined that she would have the same amount of wine as my son. Well around this time we moved into our current house and I forgot, so ended up purchasing her wine a few years after her birth and paid a premium cost. Learn from my mistake- be sure to purchase the wine around 1-2 years after your child’s birth (not 4-5).

I’m excited that there’s various wines to choose from for my daughter sometimes it pays to forget/procrastinate I guess!

I intend to open these bottles with my kiddos to celebrate milestones in their life. Such as:

  • College graduation
  • Graduation from a Masters Program
  • Marriage
  • Birth of child(ren)
  • Cashing in a multi-million dollar lottery ticket (as long as they’re above 21)
  • Graduation from a Doctorate Program
  • Publishing a book
  • Winning a Nobel Peace Prize
  • Getting a blue ribbon for anything

You get the picture, any four of those will do.

Now I’m not a wine connoisseur, if I was I wouldn’t be enjoying the box of Shiraz in my fridge as we speak. So to purchase these wines I adhered to the following:

  • Try to purchase at least one local wine
  • Talk to someone in a wine shop that knows what they’re talking about
  • Stick to a price point (chances are none of these wines are going to be excellent in 20+ years, but it falls under the category of “it’s the thought that counts”)
  • Buy red wines (they do age better)

I also try to remember to rotate them every 6ish months and keep them in a dark damp place (Virginia weather can wreak havoc on stored wine.) We happen to have a creepy little storage area in our basement that works perfectly.


Have any other ways that you like to celebrate milestones? I would love to hear about them in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!

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