Seriously, this was a first for me!

I’m the kind of gal who loves a good football game. When the air turns crisper a lot of people think of pumpkins, corn mazes, jumping in leaves, and hayrides. Me? I think of football.

My entire family is forced (with love) to put on my team’s colors (go Steelers!) and wear the SAME outfit each week. On week 1 they are reminded to choose wisely, because this will still be the same outfit that they wear in January. Do I go a little overboard with this? Maybe, but a superstition is a superstition.

We live in a college town and as much as I try I can’t get behind college football as much as those around me. However, recently some of our friends had extra tickets to a pretty important game, so we were in. I mean football AND friends on a gorgeous Saturday… doesn’t get any better! To top it off, they wanted to tailgate before hand!! I have ALWAYS wanted to tailgate at a football game. It looks incredibly fun. The food, the drinks, the games… all of it. I couldn’t wait! It was going to be AMAZING! (And it was.)

After the group decided that it should be a “brunch” theme with mimosas (my favorite is with champagne, grapefruit juice, and raspberries) and Bloody Mary’s, I researched (aka checked out Pinterest) and found a few food ideas that were super easy.

I decided that mini stacks of pancakes with a side of syrup, fruit salad, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and donut kabobs (what!?!? that’s a thing!) Were the perfect food items to take.

I completed my first tailgate experience with a tablecloth and fall themed centerpiece.

I know that I have some room for improvement, after all this was my first football tailgate, so if you have any great ideas for tailgating, please share them in the comment section below because I seriously can’t wait to tailgate again!

Enjoy the moment!