Pop-Up Play Date

When my daughter had a pop up play date (a play date that didn’t have a ton of forewarning) I quickly came up with some fun activities. Sure the girls could have entertained themselves in which ever way they wanted (and they did for a good bit of it) but I also like to help guide their play dates towards a creative path. What I came up with was kind of a hodge podge, but it totally worked!

First the girls took an upside down muffin tin and some polymer clay that can be baked.


Next the girls took a rolling pin, flattened their clay and then fashioned it onto the muffin tin. They then adorned their bowls with different designs using small polymer clay “cookie” cutters.

When they had their bowls exactly how they wanted them I popped them into the oven and after 25 minutes I pulled the muffin tin out and let the bowls cool. Surprisingly when they cooled they popped right off of the tin and viola- a mini bowl that can hold any treasure they deem worthy.

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Now you can’t send a fancy home-made bowl home in just any packaging. I grabbed a few leftover take out containers that I had and gave them to the girls. I also put out all the foam stickers and feathers I had. Then their imagination took over.


Both girls were really pleased with their creations and I was amazed at how much time and attention they put into making their boxes and bowls perfect. It was an awesome play date and I can’t wait to make the bowls again! Perhaps as a gift for grandparents!

Have any suggestions for a pop up play date activity? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!