Farmer’s Market, or bust!

Then I guess we’re going to bust.

I LOVE the idea behind a Farmer’s Market. Fresh local produce, helping small businesses, purchasing something unique. All of it, love it. But I literally cannot remember when they are. I know that on any given day there are probably a few Farmer’s Markets in my town, but there’s this really good one on Saturdays and it’s usually on Sunday when I remember.

A few times the family and I happened to be downtown and stumble upon it. The Farmer’s Market Gods were smiling down upon us. We all enjoyed walking around sipping our organic hot chocolate while checking out the goods. It’s because of these few outings my son REALLY wants to have his own stand at the Market.

Last summer I entertained the idea and asked him to think of things that we could create that someone would want. He wracked his brain and thought of everything he believed was within our realm of possibility. “Let’s grow our own cotton and make pillows!” I thought that would be a fun idea, I was just starting to play with the sewing machine and it would give us a nice project together! After trying to grow cotton, I realized that Virginia just isn’t the right state for it.

Next he wanted to grow birdhouse gourds and sell them. I love having a new challenge so I bought a packet of birdhouse gourd seeds, germinated them, planted them and viola a few months later we had some HUGE gourds.  We were so excited that it worked! Until we learned that you have to let them cure for a year and do A LOT of other stuff to the gourds to actually make them into birdhouses. (More on that later this week!)

To making soaps. Now I know that a lot of people make soaps. They’re beautiful, fragrant and something about them just makes you feel “aaaahhhh” if that is a feeling. So I thought, sure- let’s make soaps.

This is our first batch:

They’re different shaped and lavender sent. We were pretty proud of ourselves. But after making them I reminded my son that we would have to make a lot of soaps if we were to enter a Farmer’s Market. We decided that we’d rather give them to loved ones instead.

His final idea was to make the soaps you’ll need a soap base (we chose goats milk), mold, scent, and coloring (optional.) Our soaps have actual dried lavender in them, so if you want to spice it up a little you could also add something like that. Check out this blog for the directions.

A few months later we decided that soaps would be a fun little bath time treat, so we experimented with making two toned peppermint snowman soaps. These were made with glycerin (the “sky” looking half) and grated goats milk (the “snow” looking half.) For directions for these soaps, click here.

Really the possibilities and combinations are endless when you’re creating homemade soap. It’s also a craft that everyone in the family can participate in.

Have any great soap recipe of Farmer’s Market idea you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Enjoy the moment!