Step aside… Cupid coming through…

I thought I was on top of Valentine’s day this year. Get cards for classmates… check, cards and chocolates for teachers…. check, little treats for the kiddos… check, and a small gift for the hubby… check. All bases were covered until my daughter asked me at bedtime on February 13th if I was making them heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast again… gulp…

Thankfully I’m an early riser.  I ran to the nearby grocery store and grabbed a box of pancake mix and dashed home to create a breakfast masterpiece before even Cupid himself would have a chance to drink his first cup of coffee.

I start this little creation by mixing the pancake batter and placing it in a ketchup-like squeeze bottle with the opening cut a little low to create a larger hole. I bought this bottle years ago to make sidewalk chalk and other festive pancake breakfasts. I found it at a craft store and it cost around a dollar- I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of this purchase!

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I then spray my skillet, heat it up and pour the batter onto the warm skillet in a heart shape.

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I let the heart cook for a few seconds and then fill in the pancakes with additional batter.

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A few minutes later I add some maple syrup and a heart shaped strawberry (cut the top off of the strawberry at an angle (like a V) and then slice in half). Viola Valentine’s breakfast is served!

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You thought (as did I) that this blog would end there… well it doesn’t. Throughout the day I thought of ways that I could make dinner special too. We always have chocolate fondue for dessert (with strawberries and raspberries- yum!) But I had to come up with a creative dinner too. Hence, heart shaped grilled cheese made with cookie cutters.

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Our birds were very happy to get the scraps of bread and the kiddos loved the small hand-sized sandwiches. Win/win! Although now I have to remember this next year so that I’m not caught off guard the night before!

Have any fun food/holiday ideas? I would love to hear about them in the comment section below!

Enjoy the moment!